Present with ease

Tired of finding the microphone or video icons or memorizing the keyboard shortcuts?

Kiclik is a plug and play device eliminating that problem in the virtual workplace and educational settings.

No more fumbling for the mute key, the camera switch, or the end meeting button.

control your microphone and video

The pre-configured setting works directly out-of-the-box. It's a 4-LED tactile pushbuttons and dual color OLED screen. It can be used to control microphone and video when on video calls or live streaming with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

No installation and configuring.

How It Works

The fastest and easiest way

With four bright LED pushbuttons, you can:

- Turn your microphone on/off (green button)
- Turn your camera on/off (blue button)
- Simultaneously turn both microphone and video on/off with "PANIC" key (red button)
- Bring the Zoom window to the foreground (yellow button)
- Quickly leave the meeting while maintaining eye contact (red button with long press)
- Clear visual feedback confirms the command names on the OLED color screen

Compact, Light & Easy To Use

We use tactile, bright LED pushbuttons to be easy to use. The buttons are soft-touch, so don’t make noise when pressed. Also available with wireless mini remote for the times you need to mute and unmute when you're distant away from the computer.

It comes with two attachments. Place the controller in the desktop holder or mount it on the laptop screen. Different accessories for different settings; however, same outcome.

Super compact, light as a feather and made to travel!

Customer reviews


"It is so easy for me to get sidetracked during a presentation. The slightest interruption and I lose my train of thought. Being able to stay focused on what I have to say has made my presentations exponentially more impactful. Kiclik takes care of the minor hiccups to make good presentations, great."

Kevin R.

I love the versatility of having the shortcuts on a small device. The quality of it is also great and it is very well built all around. I love the Kiclik.

Nicolas W.

While on a Zoom call at home, my dog heard a noise outside and started barking loudly. I immediately pressed the green audio button on my Kiclik device to mute my microphone, saving myself from embarrassment. I love having an easy-to-use remote control for Zoom shortcuts!

Marianne D.
Kiclik controller

Kiclik controller

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